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Physics Is the only subject which will make you at par in NEET/IIT. Then wait for what start study physics at least 3 hours a day, put yourself into thinking chamber and think about physics concepts how and what can be done to improve this physics question in what way that time of execution should be less.

Use good books like h c Verma and Irodov to practice numerical and understand concepts. It should be 100 % clear to each student survival of your life is not possible without studying so don’t cheat your parents don’t fight with your well-wishers, the only study will make you perfect in life to reach the top of the world.

When we are talking about physics mentor, then choose a physics tutor in such a way that he should be well versed with physics concept and tried and tested by the students. Don’t go for just tom and jerry type of tutor for the sake of your parent’s satisfaction.

If you want to uplift your physics calibre, then come to Kumar sir Contact Directly Kumar Sir 9958461445

Physics Tutor In Delhi-Kumar Physics Classes

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Always study is essential in life because whenever you move in your life past still matters.It is just a myth that people are saying that marks are not necessary for survival, But In my opinion marks are essential in life, and that will move you ahead in life. When you got selected IN IIT and did engineering and going for an interview and getting shortlisted for final and got tied up with the same candidate, then they will always look for your class 11,12 marks to get you an upper edge to others. Study hard like a people making a muscle in the gym, build a muscle in your brain by studying a lot more than 8 hours a day sometimes more than that.

So think about it and judge yourself what you are supposed to do in life after your class 10 exam study hard, obey your parents, strict to your schedule, eat healthy, divide your time into slots and allow the time for the specific subject. Now come to the specific subject physics for class11,12, NEET, IIT AND IB. Study with the full concept, start taking classes with some professional physics mentor, who is already tried by someone and tested, don’t leave your ward to some tom and jerry type of tutor they will kill your ward mind and your ward mind will get corroded.

Study concepts with the specific books of physics like RESNIK HALLIDAY, H C VERMA And Irodov and refer some good study material from a reputed coaching institute. Still, you do not understand the Physics Come and meet Mr Kumar; Physics Tutor will make you realise every part of physics quickly without killing your time. First, We will teach you basic concepts of physics then proceed further for application based questions with Resnik Halliday or VMC, FIITJEE, AAKASH Physics Package.

As I am telling you frankly the physics by a large is same for IIT /NEET and CBSE It is just mindset how do you proceed with the approach. Cbse physics is straightforward with a little bit of application, IIT Physics is full of Application based and NEET physics and easy buy time based that how much time you will take to solve 45 physics questions in NEET EXAM. So come to the Best physics classes in Delhi, Best physics tutor in Delhi For NEET PHYSICS/IIT PHYSICS/CBSE PHYSICS AND FOR IB PHYSICS.

Meet Mr Kumar Or Call him directly and explain your problem or mail to him

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Physics Tutor In Gk 2,Alaknanda,Chittranjan Park And Kalkaji

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Physics Classes In Delhi

Physics Classes In Gk 2/Alaknanda/C r Park/Kalkaji

Physics Tutor In Kalkaji

Join Kumar Sir For Physics And Forget The Tension Of Your Ward For Physics


Physics Classes

Physics Classes By Kumar Sir




Best Physics Classes In Delhi



We Teach Physics Concepts And Focus On 100% Target In Physics Exam.

Join Kumar Sir And leave your tension for physics to Kumar sir, Physics Is very conceptual subject one must be very much through for teaching the don’t rely on tom and jerry type of tutor for the sake of your satisfaction

give your ward to professional hand and have the patience for few months result come automatically.

one should understand the basics concept very thoroughly

if one’s concept is not cleared, then it is difficult to understand the next concept

For Example, if one’s concept for free body diagram for newtons law is not clear, then it is tough to understand rotational motion concept for Torque.

similarly, if the Kirchoff’s law for current electricity is not clear, then one cannot be able to solve potentiometer problem.

So be wise, choose a tutor who should be qualified and tested.

And one thing I am going to tell you there is no difference in the preparation of physics exam for CBSE PHYSICS and IIT/NEET PHYSICS, The Basic concept is same, but the only difference is the application base question which is much more difficult in IIT/NEET.

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Neet Physics Tutor In South Delhi-Neet Physics Exam Review

NEET 2018 Physics Paper Review

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Physics Tutor In South Delhi-Complete Physics Course In 60 Days-Call Kumar Sir

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Complete Class 12 Physics Course In 90 Days

Don’t Kill your time in summer vacation, time is very precious if you enter into class 11 and you are a science student think about studies leave everything behind for two years use mobile with no application and delete your facebook and twitter account for coming two years.

Physics is the main subject for clearing CBSE PHYSICS EXAM/IIT/NEET so create yourself a big room for studying physics, study physics at least 4 hours a day, practice numerical from H C VERMA And Irodov.

Still Feeling any problem in physics contact Kumar sir, He will make you perfect in CBSE physics and application-based studies for NEET AND IIT

Contact directly to Kumar sir 9958461445

Complete Your Maximum CBSE​ Physics Course In Summer Vacations And Go Ahead With The Preparation For NEET/IIT

Physics Classes In Delhiphysics tutor 575

Kumar sir is known for his command of physics for NEET Medical, IIT Engineering & All Board Exams like CBSE, ICSE, Up Board. One can hardly fail to notice his in-depth logical approach during physics classes. He has been teaching Physics to students medical entrance examinations and XI-XII- IIT (mains & advanced) other regional engineering entrance for the last twenty years. He has worked in many reputed coaching institutes such as Allen in Kota, Aakash Institute, FIIT JEE in New Delhi & many more.

His methodology of teaching is different for brilliant students and mediocre ones. He strictly advises parents to send their wards to specialised teachers. He aims to make average quality students a perfect student in physics subject His Motto is “Believe in quality. Don’t be part of a crowd.” What a student can get at Kumar Physics Classes : 1. Comprehensive COURSE MATERIAL. 2. NOTES in the classroom. 3. REGULAR TESTS in conventional and unconventional ways. 4. REMOVAL OF DOUBTS (utmost priority).

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Kumar Physics Classes

Importance Of POC Unit In Physics-Kumar Physics Classes-Physics Tutor In South Delhi

Importance Of POC Unit In Physics-Kumar Physics Classes

May 2, 2018


Kumar Physics Classes 9958461445

Space Communication

The word space communication refers to sending receiving and processing of information through space.

There are three types of space communication.

Type 1-Ground wave  propagation Phenomenon

This mode of propagation can exist when the transmitting and receiving antenna are close to the surface of the earth. For radiating high-efficiency signals, the size of the antenna should be of the order of l/4. l = wavelength of the signal.

The field component of such a launched wave soon becomes vertically polarized as it glides over the surface of the planet.

The electrical fields intensity due to the wave induce large charges on the earth’s surface. The ground wave is weakened as a result of energy absorbed by the earth during its propagation. These losses make ground waves unsuitable for very long-range communication.

Ground wave propagation should be sustained only at low frequencies

(~ 500 kHz to 1500 kHz) or for radio broadcast at long wavelengths.

Type 2-Skywave propagation (Ionospheric propagation) 

A transmitted wave going up is reflected back by the ionosphere which forms an ionised layer of electrons and ions around the earth. The ionosphere (including

mesosphere and part of the stratosphere) extends from about 65 km to 400 km above the earth’s surface. Constituent gases are ionised in it by solar radiation. Throughout the ionosphere, there are several layers in which the ionisation density either reaches a maximum or remains roughly constant. These regions are designated as D(65-75 km), E(100 km) and F(130 km-400 km) in order of approximate heights above earth’s surface. During daytime, the F layer splits into separate layers called F1 (170-190 km over earth’s surface) and F2 (250- 400 km over earth’s surface). During night F1 layer usually disappears.

Region of high conductivity is confined to a relatively thin layer at the lower edge of E-region and to the upper part of D-region. Therefore high frequencies are attenuated when they penetrate this region. D and E layer disappears during night and low and medium frequency communication also becomes possible. Ionisation density increases as we go up from D layer to F layer and then decreases, due to which their respective refractive indices vary. Therefore the transmitted wave is reflected back in a way similar to the phenomenon of total internal refraction.

Type 3-Space wave propagation (Tropospherical propagation)

This mode is also known as line of sight communication. To send signals at far away stations, either repeater transmitting stations are necessary or height of the transmitter is increased by locating it in a satellite. If hT is the height of transmitting antenna and dT is the distance to the horizon from it, then dT = Root 2RhT , where R is the radius of the earth. dT is called radio horizon of transmitting antenna.

The maximum line-of-sight distance dM between the two antennas having heights hT and hR above the earth is given by

dM = Root 2RhT + Root 2RhR

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Do Hard Work In Physics And Get Success In Physics Exam ,Do Atleast 100 Physics Mcq’s a Day

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Kumar Physics Classes, ​Best Tuition Classes For Physics In Delhi

Physics Classes In Delhi

physics tutor 575Revise All the formulae precisely where you are always ready to forget and used to open the book while solving the problem. Learn one more time Kinetic theory of gases and thermodynamics with the concepts of the degree of freedom. Go through the transient current formulae of discharging and charging of RL Circuit And R C Circuit. Do few questions one more time when the capacitor is under steady state condition and connected to the switch and DC Supply. Remeber all specific heat and latent heat for ICE, WATER And Steam.

Mr Kumar popularly identified as Kumar Sir amongst his students is a famous Physics teacher. He has been successfully tutoring Physics for students appearing for Class XI and Class XII as well as preparation for high competitive exams such as Medical, NEET, I.I.T, SAT, IB. With more than 20 years experience he has become an analogue for teaching Physics topper among the top Schools in Delhi, Gurgaon And Noida. Through the years with continued progress, Kumar sir has built reliability and much solicited by parents. Students come from very reputed homes study in school like Modern, Vasant Valley, Delhi public school, Pathways etc.

Kumar sir teaches Physics topic wise, he chooses one topic then grilled that material according to the level of the student so that student feel relaxed in dealing with all queries related to that questions. Besides that, there is a peculiar test in that topic, and it keeps on repeating till student becomes perfect depending on his/her requirements This system worked well and thanked by parents. Kumar Sir is already teachings students of pathways, Shriram, Gdgoenka, Sanskriti, Delhi public school, K r Mangalam, Amity The reviews are given on google,

just write Kumar physics classes review on google.

Unfortunately many physics tutors / coaching centers trade on parental insecurity to charge exorbitant fees for dubious (and unnecessary) teaching. As Delhi’s physics tuition industry is unregulated, such commercialized physics coaching institutes and inexpert physics tutors often undermine a child’s knowledge base causing irreparable harm. (<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>NB</span>: <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Members of the <span style=”color: #339966;”>KUMARPHYSICSCLASSES</span> ethical Maths and Physics Teachers network don’t do such things</span>).<br /></strong></h3>

PHYSICS TUTOR DELHIIf your child’s results in CBSE / IB / IGCSE secondary physics or mathematics (Class 9, 10 / Class 11 or 12) have dropped suddenly, then an expert physics home tutor’s intervention can correct the decline and help your child get higher marks and increase their confidence.

Generally for Physics tutor for Class XI-XII these examples are clear demonstrations that our Expert Certified Home Tutors for Physics use equations in physics as a significantly complex cognitive process than students expect from their math classes. When Physics Home Tutors in South Delhi use symbols carrying ancillary information not otherwise present in the mathematical structure of the equation

the tutor tacilty uses more complex quantities than in math class. Most IB Physics tutors of Delhi interpret these equations through knowledge of physical systems to gain information.

<h2><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>CALL </span><a href=”tel:918287307397″>8287-307-397</a><span style=”color: #ff0000;”> for an appointment with a “<span style=”color: #000000;”>Mathspro</span>” trained <span style=”color: #000000;”>Physics Tutor in Delhi</span></span></h2>


Delhi Physics Tutors’ proven teaching techniques enable students to sharpen their concepts and fundamentals of physics to enable them to face their board / competitive examination with confidence for scoring high marks.

Physics Home Tuition implies blending physical meaning with math and changes the way tutors look at equations. A Physics tutor for Class XI-XII sees the blending of physical meaning within mathematical symbols as not only affecting how students interpret particular symbols, but affects how they see equations. For Delhi physics tutors and the home tutors for Delhi Physics the ways this occurs are firstly, through viewing equations as relations and not as calculative methods … The best tutor for physics chemistry in Class 9-12 IITJEE AIEEE NEET home tuitions in South Delhi will secondly filter the equation through the lens of physics.

PHYSICS HOME TUITION DELHIStudents find Physics Tutor Delhi as an excellent supplement to their school teacher to equip them with firm foundations of physics while preparing to take on more challenging standards in higher levels of physics.

Physics home tuition is an excellent place for scientists in many fields to learn to use mathematics. The best physics home tutor analysis of usage of math in physics (and in icse IB cbse all board science generally), shows physics tutors at Delhi have learned a number of important results that have implications for our teaching. There’s more to problem solving through home tutors for physics of Delhi than learning “the facts” and “the rules.” What expert physicists can achieve in even simple problems is a bit more complex than it appear and is not “just” what is learned in a math class. Helping students to learn to recognize what tools are appropriate in what circumstances is critical.

PHYSICS HOME TUTOR IN DELHIContacting expert CBSE physics tutors in Delhi is now easy via PHYSICS TUTOR DELHI network for physics home teachers Delhi, physics tuition classes and physics coaching centers for IB / IGCSE / CBSE / IIT-JEE / AIPMT physics home tuition.

Tutors For Class XII Physics in Delhi caused through the students’ failure to blend physics and math leads them to expect to transform their problem solving in physics into problem solving in math. The way the physics home tuition in South Delhi physics tutors do this can be analyzed in terms of structures of student expectations. Augmented physics tuition in South Delhi’s network physics education research clearly proved that students’ expectations plays a seminal role in how they use the knowledge they have in Private Tutor Delhi physics classes. Student expectations also play a powerful role in how Physics Tuition bureau in South Delhi think they are supposed to use math in their physics or science classes to study problem solving for algebra-based physics.

The identification with something as apparently trivial as the unit check with something as sophisticated as general relativity may seem inappropriate. But this is only because Physics and Maths Tuition bureau in South Delhi for all subject have physical experiences about measurements that make sense to class 9th,10th,11th,12th Physics Tutor. We can substitute our physical intuition for the statement that Physics Home Private Tuitions tutor’s equations must be covariant under the transformation of the product of three scaling groups whicle evaluating South East Delhi Coaching Classes in physics.

<div style=”display: inline; float: left; margin: 5px 10px 0px 0px;”>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”><a href=”page/ib-physics-tutor-new-delhi/index.html”><strong><img title=”KUMARPHYSICSCLASSES” src=”content/public/upload/picon03_0_o.jpg” alt=”IB PHYSICS TUTOR DELHI” align=”left” hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″ />IB PHYSICS TUTOR DELHI</strong></a> sites: [<a href=”post/south-delhi-physics-home-tutors-in-defence-colony-lodhi-estate-jorbagh-chanakyapuri/index.html”>Home tutor in South Delhi</a>, Defence Colony physics tutors in Delhi, Chankayapuri physics home tuition, Dwarka physics coaching Delhi, RK Puram IB physics tutor, Westend Physics tuition Delhi, Physics tutors in Delhi -Vasant Vihar,] for IB physics tutor in Delhi.</p>
<p style=”line-height: 1px; font: 90% Arial,Verdana,Sans-Serif; color: #f0f0ff; font-size: 0.4em; font-weight: light;”>The second problem is the more severe. At physics coaching classes in south delhi we believe that a primary reason we physicists prefer to keep our physics classes in south delhi as symbols all the way to the end of a calculation rather than physics tutor in GK-2 putting numbers in at the beginning is that we see an equation as relationships among physical measurements. It is not just a physics tutor jobs in delhi to calculate a result. It is a way to locate the best tutor for Physics, Chemistry 9th-12th IITJEE AIEEE PMT South Delhi Physics Tutors Home Tutors of results; not just the one you are currently calculating, but all possible situations with the same physics but different values for the parameters. This is a rather dramatic shift of outlook and one that Home Tutor Delhi wants to help Best Home Tutor in Delhi and South Delhi master for physics home tutors in Defence Colony.</p>

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<p><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>IIT-JEE</span>: A 25-year old highly successful IIT-JEE (Mains / Advanced) coaching program in advanced mathematics and physics for Class 9 to Class 12 (also droppers) to synchronize with their CBSE school studies -</strong> this<strong> unconventional </strong>3-year “High-Achievers” mentoring package for elite IIT-JEE aspirants in Mathematics and Physics is only meant for exceptional students presently in 9th, 10th or 11th standard who have a long term approach, hard work, tunnel vision and dedication to pursuing a course in India’s best engineering colleges like via extremely competitive examinations like IIT JEE or BITSAT <strong>without sacrificing their CBSE or ICSE results</strong> !! [<a href=“”>IIT JEE Coaching in Delhi</a>]</p>
<p><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>LOCATIONS</strong></span>: Now you can find the best physics teachers for CBSE, IIT JEE, SAT, AIPMT and BITSAT at <strong>PHYSICS-TUTOR-DELHI</strong> tutoring service. Locate private home tutors for IIT JEE Physics, BITSAT Physics and SAT Physics. <strong>PHYSICS-TUTOR-DELHI</strong> presently provides contact tutoring Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Kota.</p>
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Math Tuitions classes in Delhi NCR. We offer Physics & Math classes for XI and XII, IIT, AIEEE, PMT, B.Tech. We also provide home tuitions and Group Classes on demand at very reasonable fees.”/>
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